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Create Zero latency monitoring mixing. Forget confusing wiring configurations.


Benefit from RME's reliable hardware and stable driver technology. German engineered for performance, flexibility & reliability.


Recap your session at the highest quality possible to any software you like.

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Start Podcasting within minutes

Babyface Pro - The heart of the system

The Babyface Pro with TotalMix FX eliminates the need for additional equipment, no need to spend hundreds of extra dollars for a mixer, cables, adapters, software, or cloudlifter for your mics. A “reference-quality” interface with multiple ins/outs allows for any combination of Podcast Setups, featuring two (2) high precision microphone preamps used by broadcast, live, and video game design professionals. Power two (2) microphones w/o additional equipment, even while operating remotely with no ac power, saving you money and time. No more interrupted sessions or poor quality recordings, it works with any recording software on Mac, PC or iOS.

“TotalMix FX” - built in mixing software delivers “total” control!

Configure a “mix-minus” setup as separate audio sources; you control what guests and listeners hear with no additional cables, mixer or hardware. Mix multiple software applications simultaneously for adding music beds, sound fx, and other desirable audio clips to your podcast.
  • Adjust the sound settings of every source independently
  • EQ, Reverb, Delay on every input and output channel
  • Reduce background noise
  • Enhance the quality of voices with on board EQ settings
  • Individual headphone mixes for up to 6 Guests
  • Control your mix via free TotalMix FX Remote iPad App
  • Add effects for ambience and Sound FX
Download Podcast TotalMix FX Workspaces

"AT BP40 / Shockmount / Desktop Stand” - Professional Broadcast Microphone Set-Up

This Broadcast vocal microphone offers a rich, natural, condenser-like sound and the Humbucking Voice coil prevents unwanted interference. Ideal for any broadcast application to deliver a clear and articulate reproduction of your production. A convenient professional Studio Boom-Arm is included leaving a slim and simple look that takes up less space on your desktop.

Podcast Engineering School - $595 Overview Class (included)

Overview of Podcast Production Workflow Using The Babyface Pro. Produced & Instructed by Chris Curran - Audio Engineer, Podcast Producer, and Lead Instructor of Podcast Engineering School. This comprehensive video covers:
  • Setting up the Babyface Pro
  • Production Scenarios and Tips
  • Recording Online Guests
  • Post-Production Overview and Tips

RME / Audio Technica Bundle includes:

RME Audio Babyface Pro


TotalMix FX Virtual Mixer


EQ, Reverb & Delay


Mix Minus Guest Mixing/Monitorring


DigiCheck Software - Precision Audio Metering


Audio Technica BP40 dynamic Mic


Professional MBS7500 Desktop Mic Stand


Professional 10’ Microphone Cable


Podcast Engineering Educational Course



The Babyface Pro podcast bundle provides the most complete, simple, reliable, “future proof” solution
that combines a professional audio interface, software, and microphone.


Total Value


Save $1568

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